Dreaming or goals?

What do you see? What defines your goals? What you see could be your dream.

Every dreamer is a potential leader and achiever and being a leader you cannot avoid making decisions. No condition is ever permanent in life, life is in phases and stages, when you look back in your life you will note that this is not how you were some years back.

Do not worry when people lie to set you up in order to achieve selfish and ulterior motives. In life you will realise that there are different personalities, some are decent and wants the best for their fellow human beings, others are the opposite who will lie, cheat and do all they can to put people down they consider better than them. Do not be perturbed but rather focus on new ways to improve and look for people who genuinely want you to do well. Stay positive and strong.

Published by Eagleheightmoments

The purpose of this is to inspire,provide content, contribute and create useful digital services to positively impact humanity I also learn from others and my own posts

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