‘’ Adversity is just change that we haven’t adapted ourselves to yet’’ Aimee Mullins.

It is incumbent on how you look at adversity that informs your actions. I see adversity as a projection, as a bend, as a time to reflect and ponder. a time for a situational analysis. I call this the reality zone or the current state of affairs. The question therefore is, can I do anything about it? if yes, then I will consider the best and decent options to inform my actions in order to change and improve. Although there are obstacles and impediments that are obviously orchestrated and perpetuated by haters, liars, wicked evil or jealous individuals or external situations. Sometimes, adversity may be a result of our own faults due to irresponsible choices. Having said that, there may also be decent/genuine people and opportunities to help move to the next phase of our lives. The key note is to work on the ‘controllables’ (Situations you can change) and leave the ‘uncontrollables'(Situations you cannot change) to allow things to unfold. Truth will always triumph in the long run regardless of distractions on the way.

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