Experience has taught me that making decisions in life is motivated by what we really want our inner desires and the hunger for something we consider valuable. Think deeply and you will see the picture I am trying to paint. If you are a student, you will agree with me that your decision to study is motivated by the desire to excel in your examinations. Having said that, it is practically true that a good decision will always precede an action to ensure your decision is worthwhile.

 Anthony Robbins said, it is your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped. This is true because the reason why some people have achieved stardom today is because they made a decision at some stage in their lifetime that motivated them to take subsequent actions to become who they are today. Some people think that great people were born great, I do not believe this. Even if they were born great, they still need to make a decision to fulfill their destiny by doing what is required of them.

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