Ignoring the roadblocks

Adversity cannot stop you from becoming what you want to become or achieve in life. Another great man of blessed memory is Steve Jobs, he was adopted at birth and his youth was riddled with frustrations over formal schooling but regardless of that adversity, he became co-founder, chairman and Chief Executive of Apple Inc. He was an American businessman, designer and inventor. So we have no excuse to despair, we have no complaints.

It is better to be full of hope than despair, this is not the time for backing down, you have come too far, the fact that you still have life is a proof that you have what it takes to see the manifestation of your dreams and overcome your obstacles. A great man once said, challenges are the food of champions because a person cannot be called a heavy weight champion unless he steps into the ring and fight. See the victory in this. Bill Gates will not have become the Chairman of Microsoft if he did not focus on his vision; he ignored his obstacles. The lesson is, we need to keep ignoring the roadblocks in order to see the end from the beginning. We need to focus our eyes on the vision, the aim, the goal, the objective. Victory begins when we see the outcome instead of concentrating on the process that leads to the outcome. The question therefore is, where do I want to be? Am I on the right path, place, at the right time with the right skills and opportunities?

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