Moving on

Letting go of the past is on my agenda. I have decided to move on by leaving every pain, bad experiences and frustrations I may have encountered in the past. It is worth it to know that there is no perfection in the real sense of the word, we all try on a daily basis to attain perfection which in practical terms will never be attained. This is because as humans, we are prone to faults but the most important thing is knowing that we can correct those faults by taking the right steps, making the right decisions with the hope that things will improve.

As things improve, it is believed to have positive ripple effects on others as we impact the environment with our genuine contributions. No one is perfect as perfection only lies with God. The critical thing is to focus on the right path and avoid evil. Doing unto others what we expect others to do unto us is paramount,

Yesterday is history, today is now and tomorrow is our hope. We have faith that tomorrow will be better. I have decided to never look back again as I used to do, I have made a conscious decision to move forward with hope, faith and positive mindset. What is ahead is more important than what is behind. Well, It is prudent to learn from the past as this will help make effective and efficient decisions moving forward.

Forward ever, forward ever is the new normal. As humans, it is very easy to look back due to our imperfections. However, with faith, hope and trust in God, I believe there is divine help to move forward. Faith in knowing what is ahead is better than what was in the past is crucial to having a refreshing and positive mindset.

Lets move on with hope, faith, trust and action. Make the right decisions and do the right thing. #PEACE

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The purpose of this is to inspire,provide content, contribute and create useful digital services to positively impact humanity I also learn from others and my own posts

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