The luxury and blessing of being able to make a choice, having the free will divinely mandated should never be compromised. Making the right choice in life is a personal decision and should never be traded to please evil. No one should be forced against their free will to make decisions under duress, intimidation, fear or sabotage.

No human can determine the path of another, only God can empower us to make choices. If a person is vulnerable and needs help, help them if it is within your means and power. However, do not pretend to be helping and end up making their situation worse. Having charity is the greatest gift and should be applauded, Genuine heart to help is appreciated as we all need help once in a while but not to be taken for granted.

Taking advantage of people because of their vulnerability is the epitome of wickedness. Intimidation is a tool used by bullies and controlling entities without people’s consent. Anything done by us should be with our consent, free will and within our purview.. A free person who does things within the confines of the law cannot and should not be tricked or forced into things against their wish and consent. Denting people’s character by falsely accusing them or lying about them is evil and should be spotted and shamed. What will you gain from putting innocent people down by assassinating their character? Do unto others what you want others to do unto you.

As the saying goes, ‘if you want to hang a dog, you have to give it a name is the exact replica of most of the things that go on in the world where certain unscrupulous individuals lie and fabricate stories about innocent people to paint them evil so they can achieve their evil ulterior motives should be strongly frowned upon and vehemently rejected. Most of the times, these fake characters target innocent decent people who are just minding their legal decent business. WHY???? Lets REJECT such miscreants. God takes care of His own so #STOPTHE MANIPULATION. #LEAVEINNOCENT PEOPLE ALONE.

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