Life is like a track where athletes run individually to achieve respective goals. The process starts with individual training to help achieve such aims. There is a starting point and a finishing line but each person is required to stay in their specific lane until they cross the finishing line. While running in their respective lane, they focus on the finishing line and at the same time keep to their lane. Life is like a value chain system where everyone plays their part. focusing on what needs to be done at each stage is key. This does not imply ignoring your role and forcing yourself into other’s lane, just do your part while keeping to your lane.

Every one of us need to stay in our respective lane, do not enter other people’s lane to impose your unpopular agenda on them. It is illegal to impose your selfish, wicked plan on others without their consent. Even twins from the same womb have their own individual life to lead with separate objectives.

We all have a purpose in life to fulfill our individual destiny so keep to your track, keep to your lane, mind your own business and focus on your destiny. Having said these, it is also imperative to note that albeit no one is an island, no one should attempt to alter other people’s destiny. Help should be mutual and should not be conditional to intimidate others. Helping others is different from invading their lane, destiny or objectives. Helping someone does not mean you should force them to agree with your agenda, they also have their own destiny to pursue. Destiny is Divine and should not be traded.

Keep to your lane and do not impose or super impose your personal agenda on others, we all have our own individual lives to lead. Every person need help at some point in their life but that does not abort, alter, concoct or terminate their destiny. Destiny is DIVINE and no one should allow others to illegally invade their track or lane. #Keep to your Lane

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