Appreciate Good initiatives

When an action is intended to inure to the benefit of all, it deserves maximum support and appreciation. There are moments when good people take actions with good intentions having perceived the positive long term effect, yet some people oppose such good deeds. Good people should be appreciated as they deserve blessings to continue affecting others positively. Such people are channels of blessing and should be praised.

An action being taken with a long term view may in the short term seem unpopular, however, they are intended to solve generational problems. Every good deed deserves to be embraced. When we become familiar with a status quo over time, change may be a problem yet that same change may be the solution to a long term problem. Change is inevitable and it is a prerequisite for progress. #Support progress and development.

Published by Eagleheightmoments

The purpose of this is to inspire,provide content, contribute and create useful digital services to positively impact humanity I also learn from others and my own posts

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