The value of location

You may have what it takes to be successful but when you find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong associations, your efforts will be frustrated and sabotaged. It is not every place that is meant for every one. Destiny is linked to location, the right people and opportunities.

When you come into contact with the right people at the right time and place, things begin to align positively with your destiny. We need grace to discern good from evil to enable us avoid frustrations. Sometimes these evil people send their wicked agents to monitor your life in order to frustrate you. That is why it is crucial to discern right from wrong, right people from evil ones, right location per time. When you are at the right place with the right people, it reflects positively in your life as evidenced in peacefulness, joy, progress and alignment with destiny. However, when you find yourself at the wrong place with the wrong people, the reverse is imminent.

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