The words we speak

The words we speak can either make us or otherwise, some of the qualities of good words include vision because the ability to see ahead/far into the future and not just focusing on the status quo. Albeit it is not easy, it is worth it. The question is: can our thinking go beyond a day? our thinking is a direct function of who we are because, as we think so are we. The ability to see into the future produces good quality of life.

The eagle is the king of the air because of its ability to see far/ahead/further.. As far as your eyes can see determines your destination because the further you see, the more qualitative you become.

Every single one of us have our individual destinies hence it is imperative to focus on our purpose. Determination is a necessary force to have. Be strong and of good courage , have inner resolve and a heart to make a mark in spite of obvious traps, distractions, discouragement, setbacks and challenges

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