The moral value of TRUTH

Truth builds trust, goodwill, faith, respect and hope. Truth shows a person has a good heart and will do anything to ensure the well being of other people. When a person lies or engages in evil propaganda with the intention of assassinating another person’s character, its a clear demonstration of evil and lack of moral value.

Why will a person set traps and lie about another? is it because of jealousy, hatred or wickedness?. What goes around comes around as the saying goes, remember what you sow today will geminate tomorrow. If you do not have the facts, do not assume or make up your own stories based on what you think or what you think it should be. When you lie about people, you are actually inviting curses unto yourself because the pain you cause in peoples’ life can bring curses to you permanently even if they are not aware.

Beware of what you say and be sure of the facts, do not be deceived by your own delusion and mirage. There is a clear difference between what seems to be and what actually is. Apparent image is not the same as the real image so be sure. What you sow is what you will reap. God is the originator of TRUTH and trust, in Him alone is the TRUTH. With God all things are possible, He will deliver you from fake propaganda, set ups and lies. Those who go about telling lies about innocent people just know that they will fall into their own evil traps. If you do not have the facts DO NOT assume. Do not be deluded by your own thoughts. Beware of evil traps.

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